Most people think of label makers as some kind of technological contraption, but really they are simple tools that you can use to make labels without expensive and complicated machinery. You don't have to be technical to use them, as most of them are very simple tools with a few more features than you'll find in their basic models.


As an example, the personal label maker I bought a few years ago could hold up to forty-eight staples, a big increase over the six staples it previously held. It has an ink pad where you can add the logo or text of your choice, an adhesive pad for your chosen fabric or paper, and a magnet to stick the tag to a bag, an insert in which you can cut out a shape for your personal label maker to fit, and more. The magnets are great, since you can use them to stick the tag to things like walls, books, and other surfaces. And the insert is great if you are making several labels at once, since you can tape them down together.

It also


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